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Explore high performance and affordable hosting services. It is designed for entry-level e-commerce websites, professional websites and wordpress websites.


100% SSD Infrastructure

Your websites run much faster with 100% SSD infrastructure. Adding, reading and deleting files on your site is faster with SSD Disk.

Litespeed Cache

Litespeed Cache, which offers up to 10 times higher performance than normal web servers, is available in all our packages.

Free SSL

Let’s Encrypt in Web Hosting! You can install SSL certificate on your website completely free of charge.

Common features

The Best Hosting Packages for You

Meet with uninterrupted and superior performance websites!


  • Web Space: 2 Gb
  • Traffic: 25 Gb
  • E-mail: 2
  • Domain: 1
$50 / Per year


  • Web Space: 3 Gb
  • Traffic: 35 Gb
  • E-mail: 3
  • Domain: 1
$75 / per year


  • Web Space: 5 Gb
  • Traffic: 50 Gb
  • E-mail: 5
  • Domain: 1
$100 / per year


  • Hosting features can be planned and configured specifically for your project. For detailed information, you can contact the link below.
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